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Welcome to the story of GODLAND. You are listening to an unorthodox journey through music. In the Land of GOD anything is possible.
Traverse this musical land that takes you through worlds of prophecy and poetry. Whilst speaking only the truth in all things, David Bishop is an honest lyricist with a mind to tell cohesive stories.
This album is a representation of personal growth and gain through life. Searching for some ultimate truth that may seldom be found here on earth, the mission is clea. To speak truth and see if truth is spoken back.
Hear the truth of GODLAND.
String together the concepts and find you were first handedly drawn into a musical movie.


released May 18, 2017

In order of appearance;
'I am The King', PRoduced by CSLTY, for LUX. With lyrics and vocals by LUX.

'Diamonds', PRoduced By CSLTY, forLUX. With Lyrics and vocals by LUX
'Move', Produced By CSLTY, for LUX. With Lyrics and vocals by CSLTY and LUX.
Additional Guitars provided by LUX.

'Star Lord' Produced by CSLTY, for LUX. With lyrics and vocals by LUX.

'Ceremonious', Produced By CSLTY, for LUX. WIth lyrics and vocals by LUX

'Satisfied', Produced by LUX, for LUX. With lyrics and vocals by, Kenny Bandit and LUX.

'Time Code' , Produced by LUX, for LUX. With lyrics and vocals by LUX.

'NInety Six', Produced by LUX, For LUX. With Lyrics and Vocals by LUX.

'Amazin', Produced by LUX, For LUX. With Lyrics by LUX

'Topher's Grace', Produced By CSLTY, For LUX. With lyrics and vocals by LUX.

'Stay Or Go', Produced by LUX, For LUX. With Lyrics and vocals by LUX and CSLTY

'Directions', Produced by LUX, For LUX. WIth Lyrics by LUX. Additional Guitars by LUX.

'OVER', Produced By Quan, For LUX. With Lyrics and Vocals By LUX.


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LUX Bronx, New York

This Music Is for you.

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Track Name: I Am The King
Got the Hair
OF samson

Power Of A Cesaar

Air BNB my body
Rent It out to BrathR

Mind Like a rosebloom
Figure of an old tomb

Let Loose unmask
now my soul's DOOMED

Swallowed By the FLow

Incremental monsoons
Sometimes a Tsunami
From Mountains to valleys
The Shadow of Death
Is slipping on steps.

Steeple of statements

Preach from the pinnacle
all my lyrics, Cynical
Sinning Cycles Revealed,

Pedestrians Moving Slow

Sluggish Rubbish Rugged Running Gunning
Acting like hes Owed Something
Running Rabbits rabid reaching
they dont know nothing.

BIcentennial Woes,

ten Bison shot down
For not reaping what they sow

Even If it wasnt winter

I bet a soul would never grow

so do not enter
burning ember
that's the reason for the smoke.

I let them choke
If they wanna go
toe to toe

with no holds,
they lack hope
and put it on the face of the pope
who's mask was fake tho
an instant to change clothes
wearing wings of an angel
creating a false code.

Stepping into a nation whose ways
they dont know

I saw the signs

the bass was too low.

Kept me sacred
Living sacrifice
in these burning clothes

Keep my conscious alive
cause its all i know

So if i go,
leave an echo
of my final words;

I am the KIng.

I am the King

I am the King

I am the King
Track Name: Diamonds
Brighter shining
like the way they falling
filling up the tub
a bitch's calling card

Been bedazzled
blackness under pressure
I'm like metapod VS metapod

Speak in crystal so I hide the fog
all my niggas rich
long as i'm in charge

eyes of GOD

Dare you
try to defeat me

made out of diamonds

you'd never believe me

Don't act like I have been defeated
the Winner Is clearer than clear

Silver Expires do diamonds get old?
Wondering what do you fear.

Sierra Leone,
Diamonds and Gold,
All for the price of your soul.

Standard is low
even bitches used to know
that they would have to give a blow
in front of all the diamonds.

Drip drop diamonds
Gimme all the diamonds
drop drop diamonds
Gimme all the Diamonds
drip drop diamonds

When I die
they filling Up my casket
try to shoot a three
Into a tiny basket
Thats the way I feel
I'm like a diamonds addict
Knowing I can get it
Put in practice
on the beat
wreaking havok
got a higher goal
just have to grab it
bigger booties
when the dress is static
wave a wand
making extra magic
taking over disney
I got raps
in the back of a backpack
that could spit shit
to the adverb
of absurdity
alert alert
I lost control of me
media beam gleams all over me
piece by piece
this machine
reheats my inseams
my dreams are now awakened see?
Diamonds all over the scene
Track Name: Satisfied

- -


Can't you tell?
I cant fly,
I'm half hellish,
half angelic,
never satisfied

Innie miney moe,
Catch the day by the toe,
put ducks in a row,
Fuck what you know,
in any weather I can still make it snow,
Like a holy ghost with a ton of coke,
dont know the ropes,
give it out for free,
let you pay the cost,
I'm a boss.
who don't needto floss,
cause he never lost,
so he gotta weigh the soul,
to deliver drugs.

Bugged Like Buggs Bunny in a Buzz Suit,
Fuck you,
light year,
no tires to steer,
all booth,
no seats just me in here,
thats truth,
life's a zoo there's no rules to fear.

So I rap spaztastic,
relax back track past all the wack shit,
tune into this,
cause we rule the masses.


Can't you tell?
I cant fly,
I'm half hellish,
half angelic,
never satisfied

I'm never satisfied,
She says im hellish,
seduced by my words,
baby girl,
Im poetic,
She keep me real close,
cause she know im her relic
She dont fuck with lame niggas,
cause they soo pathetic.

In the back of a taxi,
designer drugs,
everything she do Is fancy,
Fuckin with a vigalanti like me,
gotta think twice,
before I fuck ya life.

Tongue Kissin,
no intermission,
keys to success,
so we fuck all night,
yea, thats Tradition,
Stevie wonder,
now i'm blinded,
but my addictions,
Threw shades on,
now I'm reborn,
Bad boys to the face,
now I'm air born,
never gave a fuck,
Never will.

My word is Bond.

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